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About Veolia Transdev

Shorelink Buses is owned, operated and maintained by Veolia Transdev, who each took 50% ownership since March 2011. Veolia Transdev is an international network extending to 28 countries across five continents.

Veolia Transdev’s public transport services over the world have a strong track record for making real improvements to both the operations and maintenance of public transport systems.

Shorelink Buses began life as Ku-Ring-Gai Bus Co. Pty Ltd, which was formed in the 1920’s and operated from Chatswood Station along the Pacific Highway to Hornsby. The depot was located at 1398 Pacific Highway Turramurra, at what is now the site of a Mobil Garage.

In 1949, Mr James Huntly Knox purchased a shareholding in the company and subsequently in 1965 purchased the remaining shares off Mr and Mrs William Stonex.

During 1950 and up to 1965 the company had 9 buses, including Bedfords and ex Government Leylands. The operation had been extended to Mt Kuring-gai with a service along Parklands Road.

Subsequently the company bought Hornsby District Bus Co., as well as Pennant Hills - Hornsby Bus Co., Warringah Bus Lines, Griffith’s Bus Service, Berowra Coach Services and Talbot’s Transport Service, which operated in the Brooklyn area…and so became the Hornsby Bus Group.

In 1988, the company moved to new premises in Beaumont Road, Mt Kuring-gai and adopted a new trading name of Shorelink.

At the same time, Mr Knox purchased the majority of the Deanes Bus Service, which included all services North of Gordon and the Gordon to Macquarie service.

In 1991, Warringah Bus Lines, which operated from Pymble to Mona Vale, was sold to Forest Coach Lines.

In October 1992, the company was sold to John A. Gilberts Pty Ltd, but continued to operate as Shorelink Buses. They then sold the company in March 1996 to Mr Frank D’Apuzzo and Peter Simpson, who continued to operate it until 2001, when it was sold to Transdev.

In 2005 Transfield Services took 50% ownership, which was sold back to Transdev in 2010.

Our services

A photograph of one of Transdev - Shorelink Buses's bus drivers.

In July 2004, the New South Wales Government divided Sydney into 15 contract regions. Shorelink Buses is contracted by the Department of Transport to provide bus services in Region 12 in Sydney’s North Shore region.

Region 12 covers areas along the Pacific Highway from Chatswood to the Hawkesbury River and cross-region services to Macquarie Town Centre.

Shorelink Buses operates 22 routes in Region 12 and carries over three million passengers every year, including approximately 26,000 school pupil trips each day and a number of peak-hour services to and from the CBD.

Shorelink Buses also provides an extensive range of charter bus services to a wide variety of clients and operates NightRide services between midnight and dawn to replace railway services.

Shorelink Buses has a fleet of around 100 vehicles and approximately 140 employees.

Public Transport Expertise

As a public transport operator, Veolia Transdev is committed to providing reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective services to commuters. This includes the use of ticketing systems that are integrated into other modes of public transport. It has been proven that overall inter-modal integration is a key success factor when measuring customer service satisfaction.

Company Plans